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Nursery (2 years 9 months - 4 years)

You notice a new capacity emerges in your maturing toddler – the capacity to be curious, to imagine and imitate, and to be independent.  You realize it’s time to take an important first step of early education and introduce your child to a quality first school.  It’s been known that quality early education can boost school success in future years.  At the same time, you are anxious about separation and how your child will cope with the transition from home/day care to structured schooling.

At Little Theatre School, we understand how critical a child’s first school experience is to form early habits of learning and to influence their attitude toward education.  Our mission is to be the most wonderful and positive first school experience that will lead to a lifelong love of learning.  Our students love to come to school every day!

Little Theatre School is in a charming house with a large natural setting playground equipped with an antique carousel.  Our teachers are loving and nurturing.  There is a happy feeling when your child walks through our front door, just like when they visit their favorite relatives.  The home feel and welcoming teachers give your child a sense of warmth and safety, making it an easy transition to early education.

Our 2-day Nursery curriculum teaches foundational skills in all learning domains, using role-modeling and teacher-guided strategies.  We build self-confidence by celebrating development and learning success, capitalizing on the strengths of your child, and supporting emerging development opportunities.  Children learn through imaginative play, arts and crafts, painting, story telling, science, social studies, music and movement.  In addition to basic recognition of sound, alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes, much time is devoted to self-help, emotional regulation and social rules.  Through play and interaction with peers and adults, children are guided to listen, follow instructions, take turns, share, cooperate and be empathetic of others.

Each nursery class enjoys a 30-minute music program each week.  Using music as a teaching tool, students learn about music theory, rhythmic patterns and expressive movements, all to develop listening, following instructions, math, literacy, self-expression and motor skills.  In addition, children are exposed to a variety of genres, composers, artists, and instruments.  They also act out beloved nursery rhymes and musical games, both of which, promote creativity and performance confidence.

You will see a transformation in your child at the end of the Nursery program, a child who develops to be a capable preschooler, ready for prekindergarten.

2018-2019 Nursery Schedule / 10-Payment Plan / 9 Monthly:

Tuesday/Thursday (2 days):
8 AM - 10:30 AM @ $259 / $288
10:45 AM - 1:15 PM @ $259 / $288
8 AM - 11 AM @ $299 / $332 (Extended Care until 2:15 PM upon request)
11:15 AM - 2:15 PM @ $299 / $332

**Sibling discounts available


Tuesday, April 10
4:30 PM to 6 PM