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About Little Theatre School

Founded in 1944 by a vaudeville and an elocutionist, Little Theatre School has been educating young children in the North Shore area for over 70 years. The founders started with teaching drama/theatre to young children, thus, the origin of the name Little Theatre. Over the last 70 years, the school has been expanded to include academic components, first for kindergarten, then prekindergarten and nursery.

Little Theatre School has a long history of uniquely combining early childhood education with music and drama. Each class enjoys 30 or 45 minutes of a music program each week. Using music as a teaching tool, students learn about music theory, rhythmic patterns and expressive movements, all to develop listening, following instructions, math, literacy, self-expression and motor skills. In addition, children are exposed to a variety of genres, composers, artists, and instruments. They also act out beloved nursery rhymes and drama plays, both of which, promote creativity and performance confidence.

With 70 years of history, and students of 2nd and 3rd generations of alumni families, Little Theatre School carries a deep sense of trust and loyalty from families whose lives we have touched. We invite you to join our family and have your child become a student at Little Theatre School.

Carousel Restoration Fund

Our beloved antique carousel is in desperate need of a facelift and repair.  Your donation to our Carousel Restoration Fund, in any amount big or small, will ensure its future to delight our young students.

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Meet Our Faculty

Our teachers are passionate about expanding a young child’s world with new experiences, knowledge and skills. Our greatest joy is to see students become self-reliant, caring and capable thinkers; and acquire essential social and academic skills to succeed in grade school and in life. Little Theatre School and our entire staff are certified by MA Early Education and Care (EEC).

Please take some time to read up on our bios. Contact us at 781-595-3487 to ask about enrollment at Little Theatre School.

Ms. Winn H.

Director and Owner

Preschool age children are natural and eager learners. Show them new knowledge and skills and they soar! I am an ardent believer that quality early education is critical to growth and development; and can boost school success in future years. After 30 years of helping corporate clients with transition management, I purchased Little Theatre School where I apply my business management consulting expertise to a quality early education institution. Little Theatre School has been transforming young children to capable kindergarten and first grade students for over 70 years. Having the privilege to continue with this track record gives me pride and joy. To see the transformation in a child from September to June is simply amazing!

I was born and raised in Hong Kong China, and moved to MA in 1975 to pursue higher education in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. I am an Executive In Residence at the Brandeis University International Business School, working with graduate students in Corporate Finance, Economics and Investment Management. I am the Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of Camp Fire North Shore, Inc. in Salem. I play piano, and love Sudoku and Ken Ken. I am a wife and a mother of two grown daughters. This second career with Little Theatre School eases our empty nest blues.

Ms. Whitney S.

Miss Whitney H.

Kindergarten teacher

Teaching young children has always been my career dream. I received my Bachelor's degree from Salem State University with a double major in Early Childhood Education and Sociology, and have been teaching preschool and kindergarten for several years. The teaching experience has been most rewarding. It is fulfilling to see children progress and develop new skills, and to know that I play a part in molding their future. Learning should be fun as well as educational. I have always been shy and can identify with children who feel the same way. My goal is to help my students feel secure and free to express their feelings and thoughts, to uncover the quiet confident self within them and to open up their minds to a world of possibilities. Hopefully I can make a difference in every child that walks through my classroom.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a triplet and have a close bond with my two brothers. My six cats are also a part of my family and it is fun taking care of them. I love listening to all kinds of music. Writing poems is one of my hobbies. My other interests include shopping and jigsaw puzzles.

Ms. Suzan M.

Pre-K teacher

I have been in early childhood education profession for close to 20 years and joined the faculty at Little Theatre School in 2014. I have a genuine love of this age group and the curiosity and wonder that accompany it. I believe that the preschool experience must nurture social and emotional skills in each child and create joyful school memories. Preschool is a magical journey and my job is to develop the imagination and create memorable moments. I want children to be active learners and creative thinkers; to learn to make good choices, to work cooperatively, be kind and responsible. I want them to love to come to school each day. That is why I bring love, laughter, passion, fun and learning to my classroom. I believe that respectful bonds with children and their families are the vital foundation for a wonderful preschool experience.

I am a mother of two. I enjoy reading, cooking, scrapbooking and travel.

Ms. Cheryl K.

Pre-K teacher

I have been in early childhood education for most of my professional life. I graduated from UMass Boston and I am a certified Montessori teacher. My teaching experience in both traditional and Montessori classrooms allows me to be more in tune with the individual needs of each child, and to use the best of both methods to educate students to their fullest potential. I have found my passion in nurturing and encouraging the imaginations of children through fun, learning and play. My goals in teaching are to help children develop socially, emotionally and academically. I enjoy teaching children, letting them know that they are important, having fun, sharing laughter, and encouraging their efforts.

I am married and have three children. In my spare time, I like to sew, garden and craft.

Ms. Rita Z.

Nursery teacher

I have been with Little Theatre School for 15 years. Education is the single most important factor outside the family setting, in preparing the young child for his/her first steps in society. My BA degree and my experience as a parent and grandparent enable me to guide my young students and to challenge them to reach optimal potential. It is so rewarding to aid young, happy children to feel nurtured, challenged and recognized for their effort.

I enjoy Irish set dancing, book club, traveling with my husband, computer games freelance writing and cooking. I teach tin whistle and knitting in the St. Pius after school program, volunteer in the inner city with the Missionaries of Charity and enjoy our large family, especially our 16 grandchildren.

Ms. Mary K.

Nursery teacher and Free Choice Room teacher

I have been with Little Theatre School for 5 years and in the early childhood education profession for 14 years. I find it rewarding to connect with my students, especially when I am able to inspire, encourage, teach and applaud them when they go through the learning process. I enjoy working at Little Theatre because it gives me the opportunity to help my students explore, make new friends and learn to make good choices. Children are eager to learn and I am glad to be part of that process.

I am a mother of five daughters and grandmother of three. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, gardening, travel and long walks with my husband and friends. I like spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Ms. Inessa G.

Music teacher

I joined the faculty of Little Theatre School in 2014. I have been a music teacher all my career of 14 years, teaching young children piano, accordion and music literature and theory. I hold a degree in teaching, performing and conducting from Music State College of M. Glinka in Minsk Belarus. Young children are amazing. Teachers play such an important role in showing them new knowledge and they have a huge capacity to learn. Music is a powerful medium of expression and a teaching tool. Our weekly music program contains three components: singing, movement and musical concepts/theories. We use music to teach listening, following instructions, rhythmic patterns, expressive movement, math, literacy and motor skills. I introduce our students to basic music theories, and expose them to a variety of genres, composers, artists and instructions. What gives me pure joy is to see a smile, to get a hug, to hear a giggle, or when a child says “I love this song!”

I am a mother of two children. I own a private music studio in Beverly where I teach young children piano and accordion. I take karate and violin lessons, and enjoy singing.

Ms. Michelle P.

Free Choice Room Teacher

I am thrilled to join the faculty at Little Theatre School. I couldn't have found a more wonderful place to continue my work enriching the lives of children.

I have been a substitute teacher in Lynn for grades K-5 for over 6 years. My love of working with students and families began when my children entered elementary school 12 years ago. I became very involved as a classroom volunteer, moved on to 8 years as a PTO President and then became a Lynn Public Schools employee. My experience also includes working as an Enrichment Instructor for Wicked Cool for Kids, a STEAM-based educational program enrichment company in Stoneham, MA. I hope to bring my love of helping children think, learn, create and work together while having fun to Little Theatre School as Free Choice Room teacher.

Our family of five includes my three active teens aged 18, 16 and 13. My interests include summers at the beach in Martha's Vineyard, music, reading, exercise, and spending time with family and friends.