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Kindergarten (5 years or Assessed Ready)

Our kindergarten program is very well regarded in the North Shore area, especially by the First Grade teachers at nearby schools. Designed to prepare our students for future academic challenges in grade school, our kindergarteners develop to become well-rounded students with a good balance in the areas of academics, social competence and arts.

With a class size of 10, individualized attention important for critical thinking and achieving success is made possible.  Our teacher knows each child and can adapt the curriculum to optimize the student’s learning outcome.  It is extra special to see some truly great and lasting friendships developed with such a small class.

We use a time-tested and comprehensive language arts curriculum called “Beginning to Read, Write and Listen” by Macmillan/McGraw Hill.  It is a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic, auditory and oral activities that develops and builds foundation of the literacy skills necessary to enter first grade.  Using a set of 16-page letter workbooks, supplemented by listening tracks, students are provided with a thorough understanding of each letter of the alphabet and their sound.  Each letter workbook contains and correlates reading, handwriting, manual dexterity, auditory and oral language skills to stimulate children’s learning.

Children read, read aloud and are read to everyday.  They are exposed to a variety of literature, fiction and non-fiction, songs and poems.  Group discussions reinforce comprehension of reading materials, foster critical thinking and encourage public sharing of opinions.  Books at kindergarten and first grade reading levels are offered to encourage independent reading.

Literacy games are used to teach children on onsets, rhymes and sentence structures.  Puzzles and construction games are played in small groups to explore engineering concepts.   A collection of manipulatives and games is carefully selected to teach mathematics.  Students learn to progress from practicing basic math skills to strengthening their abilities, and finally deepening their understanding of key math concepts.

Kindergarten students get involved with learning projects in geography, social studies, science, technology, arts and engineering.  Each child subscribes to a weekly magazine “Let’s Find Out’ which helps tie all areas of the curriculum together.  “Let’s Find Out” comes with supplemental on-line resources to reinforce key learning concepts.

Lastly, kindergarten class is treated to a 45-minute music program each week.  They sing songs, dance to classical music; are taught basic musical theory and exposed to a variety of musical instruments, composers, and genres.  Students also act out nursery rhymes and drama plays, which in turn helps promote creativity and performance confidence.

2018-2019 Kindergarten Schedule/ 10-Payment Plan / 9-Monthly:

Monday to Friday:
8 AM - 12 PM @ $579 / $644
12 PM - 2:15 PM optional / $180 / $200
8 AM - 2:15 PM @ $759 / $844

**Sibling discounts and financial aid available


Tuesday, April 10
4:30 PM to 6 PM